Wildlife conservation volunteer projects in South Africa

Intern Africa was established in 2011 and arranges volunteering and internship placements at a variety of projects and organizations in South Africa. Volunteers can join the programs which our local partners offer for anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 year. We help these organizations in South Africa in finding suitable volunteers for their projects. As they are fully engaged with the daily running of their organization, not much time is left to recruit volunteers, assist with the preparations and other relevant items. We have joined hands with the below projects to cover these aspects and assist volunteers and make sure the preparations run smoothly and are proud to introduce these exciting unique conservation projects to you!


Pre-vet/Vet program


Running Wild Cheetah Project


Great White Shark program


Endangered Species Cheetah/Wild Dog


DIY wildlife rehabilitation


Wildlife Rehabilitation program


Rhino sanctuary Care for Wild

Wildlife, community and bush management


Wildlife Bush experience

Shamwari research volunteer south africa

Shamwari conservation program

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Conservation research program near Krugerpark

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Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary