About us – Team Intern Africa

Our team

Intern Africa is a mediation agency for internships & volunteering based in South Africa and was founded by enthusiastic Dutchmen. Due to an adventurous social background as well as extensive work experience gained through working at a multinational company based in Johannesburg, they were are able to acquire a dynamic network.

Through the life experience they have gained in a very short period and the mentality that the South African have, the idea was born soon to share this experience with others. How can you spread the South African Virus better than through the young generation?

Our mission is entirely dominated by the student, volunteer and the project. Besides providing an excellent service mediation, we pursue a personal approach that meets both the personal needs of the student and the company. In brief; a placement agency that goes beyond mediating between the two parties.
I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy - Ernest Hemmingway -