Internships Abroad Programs in Southern Africa

1South Africa

Complete your international internship in South Africa

An international internship looks impressive on your resume. Both local and international firms in your country consider experience gained through an internship abroad as an advantage. During this internship you will come to dominate the English language, you meet different cultures and you develop your personality. In brief; your future employer will consider you as a flexible, creative, emphatic, wealthy and 'open-minded' person, an asset to the company!

Why South Africa?
Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town are cities with numerous internship opportunities. Every city counts more then 1 million residents and are home to different nationalities.

At the same time those are cities of the wealthier class and the poorest people. These incredible beautiful, magnificent cities will leave an imprint without a doubt.

An international internship requires a lot of preparation. We, Intern Africa, offer you our services to get you acquainted with all the required information you need and assist you with setting up your internship. Through our extensive network, we ensure you that your internship matches perfectly with your education. We will provide you in advance of all the information that you require for your internship to take place in South Africa. Visa, vaccinations and funding are key issues which will be discussed in detail.

Once the internship and the paperwork have been arranged, we can continue with the rest, such as finding an affordable and flexible flight. On arrival at the airport, a shuttle will be ready for you which brings you to your accommodation. On site you will get information about South Africa. Furthermore, we will be your contact person during your stay in South Africa. If you have any concerns, questions or queries, we will be there for you.

Intern Africa mediates for students in every field, both middle and higher education and university. Intern Africa cannot guarantee finding a suitable placement for each field, but can guarantee that we will do our utmost.
2The concept
Our service is customized. Services are offered according to your requirements and wishes. The internship, accommodation & transportation will be arranged according to what is required. In other words, the decision is completely yours!

The internship will meet your personal requirements and criteria set by your education institution. The accommodation and transportation will depend on your preference & budget. However, we have a wide range of choice, so you will be only offered with the best price/quality relation.

You are expected to read this entire site carefully. We would like for you to have a general idea what we stand for, which services we offer, what an internship in South Africa means and whether you are the suitable person.

Once the excitement draws in, you can send an email to along with the following details, name & surname, internship preferences, date and duration of the internship, CV, requirements of the school and a motivational letter.

When we receive the email you receive a confirmation message with attached our general terms and conditions, which specifies precisely what our and your responsibilities are. We can only meet your expectations when full transparency and clarity prevails. We than will search for an internship which will meet the required criteria.

We will contact you once we have found an internship that suits your requirements. Once we have found a suitable internship for you that meet the requirements, you will be contacted. We will discuss the internship and provide you with sufficient information, so you can make a decision. If the internship appeals to you we will set up a Skype meeting between you and the organization. Meanwhile it is your responsibility to consult with your learning institution to get an approval on the selected internship.

Once all parties have given their consent, the internship duties and responsibilities will be recorded in an internship contract which will be drafted by Intern Africa. The internship contract is your responsibility and should be checked and signed by your learning institution, the company and yourself.

Once we have checked your CV and references we will start with our search for an internship. If a suitable company has been found, an internship contract will be set up. The mediation fee of 420 Euro will be due then.

Once payment has been settled, we will proceed with the other package components. We will advise you with the booking of your flight and discuss appropriate accommodation. Additional options will also be discussed such as car rental. At this stage there is also the possibility for the home front to have personal contact with Intern Africa. All questions and concerns can be raised and discussed.

We will contact you on the day before your departure, to ensure everything is in place.

Upon arrival at the airport you will be picked up and brought to your accommodation. You will receive a goodiebag that includes a adapter and registered South African sim-card. We will provide you with sufficient information concerning the area/surroundings.

During your stay in South Africa we will still act as your contact. For questions or any other issues we will be available.
3Our service
A one off fee of 420 Euro is applicable to our basic package which includes the following services:

  • Internship mediation
  • Assistance in applying for visa
  • Assistance with booking a flight, arranging travel insurance, vaccinations, international driving license and other required items.
  • Assistance in finding accommodation & transportation in South Africa
  • Airport transfer to accommodation
  • Goodiebag with South African SIM Card
  • Introduction to South Africa (culture, activities, safety)
  • Information desk during your stay in South Africa
Contact us via email for more information:

Please note, the following is not included:

  • Flight tickets
  • Visa fees
  • Accommodation
  • Car rental
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Meals
  • Activities

4Your expenses
Before and during your internship there will be various expenses you'll encounter. Below overview will provide you with a clear insight on these expenses.