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  • I instantly fell in love with one of the internships listed on so the choice to choose for intern-Africa as mediation agency was easily made and I’m very glad I did! I really needed and appreciated the help I got regarding visa application, accommodation and car hire. It was very nice to know that there was always someone I could rely on whenever I needed help. Intern-Africa is definitely the way to go when you’re looking for an agency that treats you like a person and not like a number. I can’t wait to go back to Cape Town!
  • Anouk was my “life-saver” at this trip! The project were I was supposed to go, turned out to be fake when i was already in SA. I wanted to find a new project ASAP. That’s how i came into contact with Intern Africa. She organised, on a very short notice, my stay at this program and also all my transfers etc. She was very helpful and her guidance was detailed and unique! It turned out to be the trip of a lifetime at this magical place…. Thanks Intern Africa!
  • I enjoyed the project, the work they do and the people were very nice as well. I was assisted by Intern Africa, they helped me a lot because it was my first time I traveled this far alone, so I had someone to rely on when I needed to.
  • The flight back home was long and melancholy but nothing compared to the goodbyes at the reserve. I had the time of my life, met so many amazing people, and was very sad to go, but I already have plans in my head to return next year and for a much longer time.Thank you for being so helpful along the way and getting my butt in gear. There were times I was very nervous about the whole idea and wouldn't have minded tooooo much if I had dropped the ball and not gone at all, and then I never would've known what I was missing!
  • I am not sure where to start. The South Africa trip has been so groundbreaking on a personal level. Intern Africa definitely assisted me with the entire process. During my travel through South Africa I didn't have to worry about the aspects. All details were arranged on forehand. This made me enjoy South Africa even more, thank you!
  • Thank you so much for all your help with our trip and coming to check on us! We had such an amazing time that we did not want to leave. I am already researching new places I might want to go volunteer or even work at after I graduate next May. Please find below a few photos from Kruger, dissecting an elephant heart, whispering to the zebras and enrichment with the 3 leopard cubs!
  • From the day I first emailed Anouk about the program I was interested in, she was very helpful in setting it up for me, as well as setting up my trip to Victoria Falls after the program ended. Intern Africa adequately prepared me for what I was going to face. As for the program itself, it couldn't have been better. I did things and met people that I'll always remember.
  • I consider my participation via Intern Africa in the volunteer project with lions as very positive. From the start they have assisted me very well. Anouk provided me with a lot of information on the program and arriving in Johannesburg was very pleasant. She picked me up, we drank coffee and assisted me very well. We have remained in contact during my stay in Kroonstad and I could always call and discuss aspects. Even when I had to go to another accommodation with regards to a Krugerpark tour she guided me and remained in contact with me. Even when I got home she contacted me to make sure all was in order. If you are looking for a personal travel organization, Intern Africa is your agency!
  • A fantastic platform for organizing your research in a safe and reliable manner. Intern Africa makes sure to arrange all of your needs, which saves a lot of time and stress when conducting field work. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to embark on projects they facilitate in Southern Africa!
  • Intern Africa arranged for us to be accommodated in an amazing volunteer project where we were treated as family. It was an experience I will never forget and South Africa is a part of me now! I cannot wait to go back and because of Intern Africa every detail went smoothly. Great guidance and good to know you can turn to someone if there are questions or problems. Thank you for an amazing month!
  • Intern Africa is a perfect choice when you need assistance in planning your trip, accommodation, transport, internship place, etc. It's great to know that they are there in case of emergencies. Anouk offers the best possible service you can imagine and follows up on promises. Wonderful time!
  • Hi, I'm Alice and I participated to the Great White Shark project through Intern Africa and I loved it. Intern Africa did a great job on giving me all the information needed before my departure. Once I got there they made sure that I was having the best experience and even after this volunteering experience they kept in touch with me so they made sure that I got safe home. I really liked the efficiency and the availability that Intern Africa showed me. I would recommend participating at one of these volunteering projects to everyone!!
  • Most wonderful experience working with Anouk. She was most helpful, patient and positive! Highly recommended! Great experience!
  • Your team has done such a great job, not only with the project but also the tour after the project. Patient and an answer to all my questions!
  • I just started my internship at FAMSA in Johannesburg. That wouldn’t happened without the help of Intern Africa, especially my contact person: Anouk. When I came here she also told me about the culture and gave me some tips and tricks. This was very useful. I really appreciate the organisation and I am really thankful.
  • Started my volunteering project in PSJ. one month ago and Anouk is a great coordinator. Very helpful, friendly and fully responsible.
  • Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion during my stay with White Shark Projects. I enjoyed being a volunteer for the project so much. It was such a powerful and positive experience. You made sure I was well taken care of. You were always a step ahead to make sure all questions were answered. The crew was fantastic to work with. No matter what time of the day, they were always upbeat, hardworking, and helpful. They always went the extra mile to make sure both the customers and volunteers were happy. From Jerome driving us around everywhere to Mandala sweeping our porch, they were wonderful. I enjoyed being able to meet all the other volunteers and learn about their cultures and home countries. I was so fortunate, that we had such amicable group. Everyone got along. I feel probably the biggest reason the trip was so enjoyable was largely because of Jessica. She made all of us feel so welcome and cared for. I loved that she took the time to not only arrange all the fun activities, but she also enjoyed the activities with us. From the braais to the Blue Goose, she made the activities so much more lively. All the volunteers talked about home much we loved having her there.



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