Volunteering South Africa

1Volunteering South Africa
In recent years voluntary work, both domestically and internationally, has become increasingly popular. Research has shown that voluntary work provides happiness, new insights, learns new things in a practical way and results in a satisfactory feeling by doing significant work .

Voluntary work in South Africa is definitely for you if...
  • Your heart rate rises when watching a documentary on Africa
  • It makes you extremely happy when fantasizing on staying in South Africa which allows you to help the communities or assist in the preservation of nature and wildlife in South Africa
It is important that you are balanced, a good listener, be honest, have patience, be perseverance and know how to adapt.

South Africa is a unique country in a magnificent continent and will make your heart beat faster without a doubt. The culture, the residents, the scenery and atmosphere create an unprecedented feeling, that results in a change of view.

Voluntary work in South Africa can be done in various sectors. If you care about animals, the wildlife/conservation projects would fit you. Are you social and would like to interact with people than working in an orphanage or at a school is ideal for you.
2Why pay?
Intern Africa assists local partners in Southern Africa. Most of our local partners are non profit organizations that often don’t have the funding required to recruit and support international volunteers. This is why Intern Africa joined hands with these organizations.

On our website you will find a variety of volunteer projects that are being offered by our local partners. Once you have found a project that meets your needs, you can contact us. From that very moment until you arrive in Southern Africa and throughout your entire stay, we will be and remain your point of contact.

Where does your money go to?
The fee that you pay is an all inclusive fee. Just like any other organization, we incur several costs, which are also covered by this fee

Below you will find a breakdown on where your fee goes to:
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Assisting volunteers pre-departure
  • In-country support: airport pick up, introduction, 24/7 support
  • Project donation : When participating in a social project, an end year’s donation will be given to the local partner. This donation depends among others on the amount of support the volunteer required during their placement/stay and the fluctuating exchange rates.
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Transport
  • Administration, marketing and other overhead costs
3The concept
You are expected to read this entire site carefully. We would like for you to have a general idea what we stand for, which services we offer and whether you are the suitable person.

Once the excitement draws in for one of the projects that our local partners offer, you will need to contact us via email: info@intern-africa.eu. Your name, email address, phone number, resume, project selection, preferred date and duration should be mentioned in this email.

If none of the projects draw your attention, you can also send us an email and tell us what it is that you are looking for. We will than start looking for a project that will suit your needs. Please keep in mind that this may take longer and that there is a possibility a project of your choice is not feasible. This depends on the complexity, etc.)

Within 2 business days, we will contact you.

Existing Project: In consultation with the organization the possibilities will be checked whether you can start on the preferred date and can stay for the indicated time. Once agreed upon we require a deposit or the full amount, depending on the project and when you start. At this time you will receive our terms and conditions.
Non existing project: After we have received the registration form, we will look for organizations that offer volunteer projects that meet your requirements. This may take some time, but we will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Existing Project: After the (down)payment we will assist you in finding a suitable flight, we advise you on any visa, vaccinations and inform you about other useful matters.
Non existing project: We will contact you as soon as we have found something concrete, this will be consulted with you and upon agreement the (down) payment must be made. Upon payment we will advise you on any visa, vaccinations and other useful matters.

We assist you in arranging transfer from the airport to the project. Some projects are at quite a distance from the airport. (1-3 hours)

During your stay in South Africa we will still act as a focal point. For questions you can contact us. Furthermore, we can also assist in arranging day trips. (if the project allows it)