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Shamwari conservation volunteering south africa
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A volunteer abroad experience, specifically aimed at the conservation of African animals and nature. Volunteers, adventure seekers, eco-tourists or anyone wanting to make a real difference is welcome to make their unique and lasting mark at any of the facilities that the Shamwari Conservation Experience has to offer.

While learning specialized skills and intricate knowledge on the animals both in and around the Reserve, you will have the opportunity to gain first-hand, hands-on experience while being involved in all assets of conservation.

An all-inclusive conservation volunteering opportunity is the most rewarding and beneficial experience. Caring for and protecting Africa’s unique and endangered wildlife is a feeling near-impossible to compare!
  • Age: min. 18
  • Location: near Port Elizabeth
  • Requirements: 18 years, good physical fitness, flexible
  • Group size: max 20 participants
  • Project duration: 1 week - 3 months
  • Laundry: Laundry is done once a week
  • WIFI: 100mb @ R20, 500mb @ R100, 1 gig @ R150
  • Linen/towels: Linen provided, you need to bring your own towels with
Shamwari, meaning “my friend” in Shona, is the pinnacle of private game reserves and home to the coveted Big Five on one of the largest conservation initiatives in Southern Africa, some 25 000 hectares in extent. Shamwari is a place where guests can exist in harmony with nature, however fleeting the moment; where free-roaming wildlife traipse the landscape, often under the relentless African sun. Shamwari Game Reserve’s hospitality division incorporates five, Five Star lodges, each one with its own unique essence of Africa. The lodges are designed and operate in harmony with their surroundings and are a place where guests can experience nature in sublime comfort. Although without the splendour of the luxury sector, Shamwari Conservation Experience facilities offer unsurpassed industry standards for individual guests, from the purpose commissioned and staffed facilities.

The world renowned Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa is offering their volunteers a once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved in one of the most exciting wildlife and conservation experiences Africa has to offer. Get involved in the behind-the-scenes efforts of conservation, all the while showcasing the majesty that is the African wildlife, hands-on and in the most personal way. Pioneering and leading the way in both fauna and flora conservation, the Shamwari Conservation Experience would not be able to achieve this level of past, present and imminent future success without the necessary volunteer support and financial assistance. Shamwari Game Reserve offers their Eco-Tourists a luxury African safari destination like no other, utilizing the fully operational 25,000 hectare Big Five Game Reserve to its utmost capacity.

Volunteers will have the privilege of participating in either a long, or short-term conservation projects at the award-winning Shamwari Wildlife and Conservation Department, exposing them to a multitude of various components regarding conservation, wildlife and the community work involved. The facilities are geared around hosting and serving the guests on a two-per-room-shared basis, providing volunteers with the full range of the reserves day-to-day operational requirements, while at the same time learning the vastness of the resources that need to be properly and effectively managed. The lodging is located in the far North-East corner of the reserve, aptly named after Dr Ian Player, a man instrumental in saving the Southern African White Rhino from extinction throughout the 1960’s.

The Shamwari Conservation Experience has hosted, and is open to, volunteers, gap-year participants, adventure seekers, adult sabbatical seekers, and anyone interested in learning and acquiring specialized knowledge and experience throughout the field of conservation. Shamwari offers participants the opportunity to focus on the conservation of indigenous African wildlife and ecology, as well as getting involved in various community education, outreach and upliftment programs. As part of the social responsibility drive of the Reserve, participating in community sporting events and improving the lives of the communities shared with the local residents is paramount, and a high priority for the program itself. Located a mere hour and a half from Port Elizabeth’s medical facilities, airport and other amenities, this malaria-free zone is ideally situated. The absolute abundance of natural resources in and around the Reserve will be navigated through by safari-type game viewing vehicles with an experienced and expert guide, as well as a qualified conservationist.

Accommodation, meals & facilities
Solo volunteers will be based in the North of the reserve and the facility can host up to 20 volunteers. There are ten-twin rooms, (same-sex shared basis), unless on special request as a couple. All rooms are en-suite, with shower, toilet and basin. The lodge facilities include communal lounge, dining and swimming pool, with outside boma (enclosure), for enjoying a relaxing evening around the fire and under the stars.

Communal facilities
• Outdoor boma area and fireplace
• Swimming pool
• Dining area
• Beverage storage fridge
• Lounge and entertainment area
• Television and access to local cable channels
• Desktop PC (Wi-Fi vouchers can be purchased on site)
• World Call Card telephone system

The project caters three meals a day throughout the week. You will either eat at the lodge or take with as a pre-packed serving in case of activities outside. Dietary requirements including vegetarian can be catered for, thus must be notified in advance. Generally on Friday you will receive a cooked breakfast. Although there are no facilities to service Kosher or Halaal requirements, this can be accommodated on request and availability at an additional cost. Juice, tea and coffee are provided, still and spring water and soft drinks will be for your own account and are available on site and with greater selection, from local trading store Madolos Retreat

Example of Menus:
  • Breakfast: cereal and toast, muesli and yoghurt, muffins and toast, cooked breakfast.
  • Lunch: sandwiches, wraps and potato salad, quiche and pasta salad, burgers and chips.
  • Dinner: macaroni and cheese with green salad, roasted chicken with vegetables, traditional meals for example braai and potjie (local type of meal similar to stew).

Arrival is every Monday in Port Elizabeth before 12h30 noon.


Duration Fee
1 week 10250 ZAR
2 weeks 18250 ZAR
3 weeks 27850 ZAR
4 weeks 36700 ZAR
Rate includes:
  • All on site meals
  • Shared accommodation
  • Linen/bedding
  • Laundry once a week
  • Shared transfers from Port Elizabeth airport to project
  • Cleaning twice weekly
  • All on reserve activities
  • Tea
  • Coffee
Rates excludes
  • Flights to Port Elizabeth
  • Visa costs (where applicable)
  • Insurance costs (medical as well as personal items)
  • Alcohol and additional snack food and beverage items you wish to purchase.
  • Optional activities
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